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Quality expat relocation and immigration in India is imperative to an organization. During surveys regarding expat relocation and immigration in India, the most important positive predictor of psychological adjustment for expatriates is found to be company assistance.

Expat relocation, expat home searchWe are India’s one of the few professionally managed Expat Relocation & Immigration consultants, and a single point of contact for all expat relocation and immigration needs. We stand out from the competition by connecting with our expats, and by perpetually considering the value derived from company assistance during relocation and immigration. Our motto lies in successful completion of every relocation and immigration assignment by delivering cost-effective and highest quality of service to our partners. We also strongly ensure that we live up to our values at all times while doing so.

Currently, we provide expat relocation and immigration services in Mumbai, Pune & New Delhi, and are rapidly spreading to other cities in India and abroad, especially in London and Dubai.

Our range of expat relocation services is outlined below:

(1) Real estate: We provide ‘Residential Leasing/Sale’ as well as ‘Commercial Leasing/Sale’ services.

(2) Orientation of the destination city: Includes the following services –

  • Look-see/preview trip
  • Home search
  • Immigration and visa assistance
  • Settling-in assistance
  • Departure and disconnect

Expat relocation, expat immigration and tenancy management(3) Property and tenancy management *: Includes the following services-

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Carpentry
  • Pest control
  • Realization of monthly rentals
  • Payment of monthly utility bills
  • Spring cleaning of property
  • Emergency repairs

(4) Cultural workshops and language lessons *: This program educates the relocating expats on the multiple facets of Indian culture. It also equips them on how to interact with the local nationals with ease. It includes the following services-

(i) Cross-cultural workshops

(ii) Language lessons

(iii) Customized training programs

(5) Domestic relocation includes *:

  • Intra India moves
  • Packaging & forwarding (Intra India)


* This service can be currently availed by expatriates moving to a city in India.

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